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A Preview of Our Loan Process

Struggling to pay bills seems to be a way of life for some people, but it really doesn’t have to be that way if you take advantage of the benefits offered by Dallas Title Loan Solutions. If you live in the Dallas area, we can set you up with a car title loan in no time. Our online title loans don’t even require checking credit, so you’ll have no trouble qualifying. You can qualify for a title loan even if you have been turned down by other lenders. All you really need is income, the title to an automobile that runs, and it must be fully paid for. We will confirm the title is lien free when you secure the loan at closing with the title. Whether you need cash to make it through the week, money to pay for repairs or a sizeable loan to pay for event expenses, we can help. Our easy loan process provides some amazing benefits with quick cash for those seeking financial help.

  • Check out all of our great benefits to see if a vehicle title loan meets with your needs.
  • Submit your free online application or choose another method that works with your lifestyle.
  • Think about how much money you can afford to borrow safely with your income.
  • Wait for a call from one of our loan agents who will explain our process in great detail.
  • Discuss your loan term options with our agent.
  • Customize a repayment plan that won’t cause a financial hardship.
  • Verify the loan terms you selected are included in your contract.
  • Meet the collateral commitment by turning over your lien free title.
  • Collect your loan funds at one of our Dallas stores.
  • Review you repayment schedule to begin making loan payments.

Simple Loan Requirements

Frankly, Dallas Title Loan Solutions does not have a great deal of loan requirements. We will need to see identification, which shows you are at least 18. This is a requirement of federal regulations. Loan amounts are determined by the equity in your automobile. Therefore, we must see a lien free title. Lastly, you have to have some way to repay your loan, so we like to see proof of income.

Methods to Apply for Vehicle Title Loans

  1. Complete a short online application with your telephone number, your name and the zip code for your home address. To determine loan offers, we also need a mileage estimate, the age of your car and the make, the model and body style.
  2. Fill out an application at any one of our Dallas stores.
  3. Call in your application contact and vehicle information when you have time.

What You Don’t Have to Worry About

Losing the Use of Your Automobile

To keep customers happy and coming back for our services, we don’t impound cars offered for collateral. Borrowers may use their auto any time to travel, run errands or get to work.

Restrictions on Spending

Many other lending institutions like to restrict spending or make you specify how you’ll use the cash. Car title loans are designed to help people when they need cash. It is your choice how you spend loan funds.

Bad Credit Scores

Granted, many of the traditional lenders still have very ridged rules when looking at credit scores. Essentially, having a low credit score rules out huge numbers of folks hoping to get loans. We have done away with credit checks, so you don’t need to be concerned about being rejected because of a low score.

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Benefits Our Customers Appreciate

  • Hassle free services. You won’t have to try to get time off work, fill out a confusing application or round up tons of documents to get a car title loan.
  • Help when you need it. Waiting weeks to get a loan payout often does very little good when you have bills waiting to be paid today. Our borrowers know they can count on fast funds in a day or less.
  • Helpful loan amounts that make a difference. Receiving a small loan amount may not be too helpful when you need a few thousand. Our loans are based on your car’s equity to give you’re the biggest loan amount possible.
  • Convenient services. These days, lots of folks are working crazy hours and dealing with kids. They just don’t have the time to devote to complicated loan services. To reduce your stress and simplify the process, we offer several loan stores in Dallas/Fort Worth and are ready to take calls whenever you have questions.
  • Dallas Title Loan Solutions understands the importance of decent interest rates with affordable payments. We will get you the lowest interest rate possible and customize a payment plan that you can truly afford.
  • Secured loans assure customers that they don’t have to pass any kind of credit checks. It is a huge relief for most people, which also means we can help a great number of folks to get financial aid.

Low rates, friendly services, hassle free loans and cash in a day are just a couple of reasons to think about an online title loan.