New Financing Has Been Put Into Dallas Renaissance Tower At $118 Million

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Building Plans From the Start

The City of Dallas may be in the middle of a rebuilding session for the downtown area as several of its major skyscrapers are undergoing new financing deals as well as acquiring new tenants. The most notable building doing this is the Renaissance Tower which just secured financing to the tune of $118 million. The building was actually going to be put up for sale until the owners, Moinian Group and SMA Equities were given a new deal from Bank of the Ozarks and Square Mile Capital Management. This new financing deal basically replaces the old mortgage that was owed on the tower.

The deal has been important because new tenants have moved into several Dallas buildings including the EPA who is now leasing a large amount of office space in the Renaissance Tower. Its neighboring building is also seeing a tenant shift from banking offices to now having residential and retail spaces throughout the building. Refinancing can be paramount to maintaining your property as many homeowners will usually refinance their mortgages when they can get better payment options. It's also an option you can usually get with car title loans as well if you need to have your payments restructured.

When Can You Get Refinancing For A Car Title Loan?

Perhaps you were in a hurry to get cash in your hands that you didn't shop the best title loan deals the way you could have. Maybe you ran into circumstances that present a difficulty in making an upcoming payment. It's easy to get discouraged if you're afraid you've been trapped in a title loan agreement. But there's a good chance if you have paid off a significant part of what you owe that you could get a refinancing deal. A refinancing deal will take over your current title loan and offer better interest rates and payment terms. Chances are the lender's customer service is also better at the company you're refinancing with.

Is A Title Loan Refinance The Same As Title Loan Buyout?

While a title loan refinance does in effect buy the current amount you owe on a title loan, it's not quite the same as a buyout. Refinancing is a borrower's choice that's mostly done with their own interest in mind. A buyout is if another company buys the title loan company that issued the borrower's loan and rebuilds it, or if the title loan company simply sells the borrower's loan to another company. A buyout usually is not initiated by the borrower.

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What Do You Need First To Get Your Title Loan Refinanced?

The first thing you'll need to get a new title loan deal is your vehicle appraised. Even though you may have gotten a title loan amount already, your vehicle's value may have gone down within that period and may require a reassessment. You'll also need your title sent to the refinancing company, and they can have the current lien removed and a new one placed on it. And you'll also need to update the status of your income to make sure it can meet the refinanced title loan.

What Are Other Benefits Of Getting Financing From Car Title Loans?

No matter what kind of loan you try to apply for, there just always seems to be some kind of roadblock. It might be the wait you have to go through when wanting to speak to a loan officer at the bank, and the disappointment you find when you realized you forgot that one important document. Maybe you don't qualify for another online personal loan because you simply don't have a high enough income or credit score to get it. Most of these hassles are non-existent with car title loans online.

Title loan lenders do not need to know your credit score because you have two things securing the loan. Those are your vehicle and income. The most important thing is to realize title loans are best used for short periods and that your vehicle is collateral in the event of a default.

The other flexible benefit to car title loans is that you don't have to write up any details about what you're going to do with them. Whether you're going to pay off your school semester tuition, pay the doctor's bill or just buy groceries it doesn't matter. It's your money while you have it and all you need to do is follow through on your repayment agreement. All you need to do to start applying for a title loan is fill in your vehicle information and phone number to get the best deal.