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Title Loans in Richardson: What They Are, How They Work

A title loan is a type of small-dollar, short-term lending solution that stands out from the rest due to the manner in which collateral is considered. Rather than crutching on the strength of your FICO score, it relies upon the clarity of your auto title and the market value of the vehicle underneath it as told by reputable sources such as Kelley Blue Book. The value of the vehicle itself must be enough to cover the principle of the loan because of the possibility that you could default on the loan outright; however, this is unlikely to occur because of the state laws that protect you while using our services.

Additionally, car title loans in Richardson come with a plethora of financing and scheduling benefits that back you up, making it easy to work out a loan plan that not only meets your financial obligations but is also entirely possible to pay off in timely installments with minimal accommodation. With title loans, the power is in your hands to determine how much you want to borrow and over what time frame, but keep in mind that the clarity of your title, vehicle value and income consistency all factor into this. There are three main reasons why you wouldn't qualify for one of our loans:

  • The vehicle is nonfunctional, tanking its value and making it useless for resale
  • The title isn't clear, meaning it's burdened by legal obligations or unpaid liens
  • Your income isn't consistent or deep enough to afford title loans in Richardson, TX

As long as you meet these three requirements and can provide a form of identification that proves you're a legal US citizen who's at least 18 years of age, we can work with you to create any loan plan that answers your needs.

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Getting Started with Car Title Loans in Richardson

If you think you're ready to get started with our services, just hop over to the application page and get started on the form. It's super simple and doesn't require any lengthy research on your part. All we'll ask for is the following:

  • Your residential postal code
  • Your contact information
  • A few basics about your vehicle such as the type, make and model, and the mileage

After you click Submit, get ready to write down everything that you want to ask the Richardson representative when they call you. We encourage you to review state laws with us while inquiring into the nature of our business in particular and any risks that come with online Dallas car title loans. Transparency and education are cornerstones of our business ethic, and we make it a point to stand apart from the less-than-awesome stigmas that title loan companies as a whole have been labelled with over the years.

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Texas Title Loan State Laws

Although we'd like to believe that we didn't need laws to keep things fair, they exist to keep every title-based lender in line. Texas is one of the harshest states in this regard, forcing the lowest interest rates and the most lenient measures on clients. Here are the most important laws for you to know about when taking out car title loans in and near Richardson, TX:

1. Usury

In Texas, title-based lenders can not assess interest rates higher than 10 percent for any reason at all. It will always be 10 percent or less.

2. Entrapment

Our company must assess your income to determine whether your loan plan can be paid off on time with reasonable accommodation. If not, we must reduce the terms or deny you the plan altogether.

3. Repossession

Your vehicle stays with you at all times unless you've allowed your loan plan to fall delinquent by more than 30 days. At this point, we have the option to seize the vehicle.